The Office prt 2

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The Office prt 2

 ?Man, those postal guys really beat up these packages,? Sonya said, sorting through
the mail that had somehow piled up on her ?outgoing? table. Sonya, a tall /brunette/">brunette, had
worked in the mailroom of Hartford & Cox for the last year and a half.
?Yea, look at this one,? said Sandy, Sonya?s blonde co-worker, holding up a partially
open box. ?I wonder what?s in it.? Sandy shook it for emphasis of the poor delivery job.
?Well, go ahead and open it. Someone already started it for you,? Sonya said, tossing
a letter into a mailbox.
Sandy hesitantly picked at the remainder of the tape.
Suddenly, there was a tapping at the door. Sonya opened the door and smiled as Jim
from the third floor handed her a letter.
?Can you make sure that this makes it out today?? he asked. ?Its very important.?
?You can count on us,? Sonya said, taking the letter. She promptly closed the door,
and Jim turned and walked away. ?What a dick,? Sonya remarked, ?but he?s got a hot
?So anyway, open the box. I?m curious.?
Sandy slowly pealed back the tape, and pulled out some packing material. ?Wow, how
kinky!? she giggled.
?What is it?? Sonya almost grabbed the box from Sandy?s hands. ?Let me see.?
Sandy held up a /dildo/double-dildo/double-sided-dildo/">double sided dildo, flexing one of the pink tips. ?There?s some lube in
here, too.? She pushed aside some more wrapping. ?And some anal beads.?
Sonya grabbed the beads from the box. ?That?s some lucky /bitch/">bitch.? Sonya closed her
eyes and ran the beads through her closed fist. When she opened them, Sandy was
holding the dildo between her breasts. ?What?s the matter??
Sandy looked up from the dildo. ?My boyfriend has been gone for the last two weeks,
and looking at all of this stuff makes me incredibly horny.?
Sonya placed her hand on Sandy?s shoulder. ?You poor thing. Maybe I can help.?
She ran her hand white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie down Sandy?s chest, tracing the line of cleavage with an ever so soft
touch, and cupped her hand under Sandy?s breast. Sandy shivered with pleasure, and
Sonya leaned in for a kiss. Sandy kissed her back, tentative at first and then growing more
eager. Sonya moved her other hand down Sandy?s back, unzipping her white slip dress.
Her dress fell to the floor revealing a white lacy bra and a matching set of panties.
Sandy?s nipples had grown erect. Sonya ran her tongue down Sandy?s delicate neck until
her lips came to rest on one of the erect nipples. She nibbled on the nipple playfully while
Sandy slid her fingers through Sonya?s hair. Sonya started to unbutton her own blouse,
continuing to suck on Sandy?s oh so pert nipple. Sandy began to bring in quick gasps of
pleasure, as Sonya finished removing her own blouse, revealing a black corset. Sonya?s
nipples were revealed over the satiny material of the corset; she was getting almost as
much pleasure out of this experience as Sandy was. She had wondered what it would be
like in the past. Long hot days of solitude with only one person for company would do
that. Now, she pulled her head away from the incredibly excited nipple of her co-worker
and leaned in for another kiss. There chests brushed each other, and she found her fingers
working her way down to Sandy?s pussy. It was incredibly moist. She slid her index
finger tentatively across the waiting clit and smiled mid-kiss as Sandy gasped in /ecstasy/">ecstasy.
Sonya guided Sandy slowly back to a mostly empty mail cart and leaned her back on to
the cold steal. She slowly slipped down to the waiting pussy, licking and nibbling on her
way down. She pushed aside the /underwear/">underwear to find an incredibly dripping pussy and a
pierced clit. Sonya ran her tongue along the clit, and Sandy grabbed the back of her head.
Sandy really did have two weeks worth of pent up libido. Sonya licked her pussy, slipping
her tongue in hesitantly, but the fingers digging into the back of her head told her that
everything was all right. She continued, faster this time. Sandy?s pussy dripped it?s juices
all over Sonya?s face. Sonya licked her finger and started caressing Sandy?s ass. A sigh
from on the cart cued her to continue. Slowly she probed Sandy?s ass while she licked
that swollen clit. She reached behind her and grabbed the anal beads and the lube. ?Have
you ever experienced anal beads before?? she asked.
?No,? Sandy gasped. ?Stick them in. I want to feel everything,? she moaned.
Sonya applied a bit of lube to the beads and started slipping them in. ?Have you ever
had anal before?? she asked. ?Have any of your boyfriends ever fucked your ass?? she
asked as she slowly pulled the beads out one by one.
?No,? Sandy moaned. ?Oh yes, yes, yes,? she gasped as the beads popped out.
?What do you say we try out this dildo?? Sonya asked, popping the last of the beads
from Sandy?s ass.
?Yes,? Sandy hissed. ?I need to cum.?
?I bet you do,? Sonya said, fingering her pussy. She guided Sandy onto the floor,
where she slowly worked the dildo into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Sandy?s hips gyrated as Sonya
worked the dildo deeper and deeper into her pussy. Then Sonya guided the other side of
the dildo into her own waiting pussy. Both /women/">women sighed with the penetration. Sonya
slid up and down on the pink cock of the dildo, sliding it in and out of Sandy?s pussy.
?Oh, oh, oh!? Sandy squealed as she came, gripping the dildo and shoving it deep into
her pussy.
Now it was Sonya?s turn to cum, she had worked so hard teasing Sandy?s pussy and
her ass. Sandy slid the dildo out of her pussy and started to work it in Sonya?s pussy.
With the fingers of her free hand, she stimulated Sonya?s clit.
?I can?t take it!? Sonya cried, preparing to cum, her pussy dripping all over the floor.
Sandy leaned forward and licked Sonya?s dripping pussy. Pulling the dildo in and out,
she slipped her tongue over Sonya?s clit, and that was all it took. Sonya?s body tensed,
and she squealed and moaned, her face flushed, and suddenly she was done. She slid the
dildo slowly from her stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv pussy and packed it back in the box, to be delivered later that day.