Beauty Green

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Beauty Green

Ryan stood before his wife flabbergasted at the sight she now offered.
"You dont like it?" she questioned curiously, swinging her left leg loosely while standing in concern.
Ryan moved forward into her position.

"I love it" he answered sincerely, his hands moving up into her recently dyed green head of hair still wet from a completed shower.
Malena smiled contently and closed her eyes softly as she felt her husbands lips reach out for her own, his hands fumbling through the lime colored locks.
Ryan kissed her full poutiness slowly yet carefree, he indulged in the joy of it for minutes before pausing to speak with her once more.
"Lets go to the bed." he stated with anticipation.

"Yes, please" she replied, bearing her teeth in the sexiest grin he had ever seen.
Ryan leaned back in to continue kissing all over her face and neck as she cooed in whispered reflex, beginning to remove the white cotton robe she had previously slipped into.

In a matter of seconds her nakedness was openly revealed to him and he brushed his closed hands all along her backside, gentle in approach.
With two fingers from his right hand he made circles across the boundaries of her butt cheeks, tenderly pinching folds of snowy flesh as his head proceeded to bury itself into the mountain range of her largely built breasts. The nipples became erect from his touching sensation and he moved the ring of pink skin into his mouth to suck

and nibble carefully along its position.
Malena fell into his open arms, eager for what was to come.
Ryan carried her limp body, warm and cuddly to their bedroom...

Ryan began undressing himself, eyes still fixed upon her beauty. Malena giggled with romantic desire and gently bit her bottom lip. Seconds later he had fallen on the bed and was draping his own nakedness over her /athletic/">athletic body.
xxx "Oh, I adore that hair" he exclaimed proudly, shoving his hands into its shape. His penis lay across her pubic hair and grew with excitement as minutes passed and new areas were touchedamongst her body. Malenas mouth fell open, eyes drew closed and breathing became heavier as she felt Ryan massage his fingertips deeply into her breasts (an action she found irresistable.)

Then, a sharp porn videos download gasp of pleasure escaped as she sensed him softly entering into her vagina. The walls of her crotch spread around his member and she cried out, moaning with each movementit made inside. Ryan began a series of thrustings that were steady in speed but powerful in performance. Malena moved her lower torso in response and raised her voice in desire as her hands stayed planted across his back side. Ryan released her chest area and watched asthe mammaries flew weightless with each push into her hole. Continuing to go in and out he brought his arms around hers, wrapping the joints of the four together. Malena opened her eyes to gaze at the face of her lover, hands gripping stronger against his wrists. 

Ryan stared at his wifes face, enjoying each moment when she would pant or wince in reaction to his manhoods entry. Malena lifted her body into his as close as she possibly could, preparing herself for the soon arriving moment of /climax/">climax. Immediately, Ryan saw it in her eyes as they fluttered aimlessly and in a split second he was rigurously picking up speed and stamina. Malena humped inward each moment that he drew back and began lavishly announcing her satisfaction with a voice that echoed boldly into Ryans ears. 

He rose and fell upon her a final time and all was suddenly let loose between them. In an instant Ryan and Malena could feel a surge of sexual power energize their loins with all malice and then a burst ofsweat erupting in them both, colliding and united in the rubbing together of their trembling skin. Malena froze audibly and Ryan could now only see what seemed to be a look of stinging ecstacy draped across her face as she ruggedly ejaculated and like-wise felt Ryans own fluid flowing within her steaming cave. "Oh yes!" Malena muttered joyfully and all at once the room became filled with a wave of stunned silence. 

For half-an-hour the two of them lay there snuggled tightly against each other. Malenas lips remained moist with salivation, Ryans hands flailed slowly about the presence of his wifes beautiful body. Theyre breathing had just began to stabilize and the heat of each others touch now ran itself down to a cool, refreshing temperature. Ryan cupped Malenas entrancing face into his left hand. A romantic smile dressed her features delicately and Ryan smirked longingly in reaction to its notice. As time passed, his loving caress hypnotised her dulling senses and she gradually began to fall asleep beside him. Malena cooed ever so sweetly in her slumber and Ryan felt more than anything: blessed to be with her.