Boy Was That Great

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Boy Was That Great

I am in good shape with 6 pack abs slender hips and a broad chest and shoulder area. The chicks like me and hang all around me to the extent they are always there and distracting me from my guy things I need to do.

I was on a date with one and she was all over me with her hands and mouth she had taken off her bra and opened her top so I had free access to her assets. I was just closing my eyes and enjoying the feelings when she locked her head around my neck and bite my neck gently and sucked in some skin. I moved and put my head in her lap and laid down on the sofa. Soon she was kissing my mouth and sticking her tongue in my mouth and moving it around. All I could see were the underside of some c cup breasts and a nipple of a fairly large size.

Again she started with the neck bite and sucking and that was ok with me as one of her breasts were pressed against my face. We were getting sweaty and her breast was getting really warm but I was ok with that. I felt a warm sensation flow down my spine and a tightness in my tummy and an urge to sit but my head was held in place by the girl and her desires. Soon I felt a tightness and pressure on my testicles and I was developing a stiffie.

The back of my head felt like it was on a heating pad as her pelvic region was getting hot. real forced anal against her will Her hands were on my belt unfastening that and for some reason I did not want her to feel my budding just yet. Not to sure why as I figured we might go all the way this time.

Usually these girls would not want anything in their vagina's except a finger maybe if they were really into your moves and digging you.

This girl was different as she was not to be naked from the top up practically. As a test I grabbed a nibble and shoved it in my mouth and she started cooing and said I was a good boy at being gentle with her. I sat up and broke off her neck hold on me and she continued with the pants button and zipper. With a forceful move she got my pants loose enough that she could grab my cock head and circle her fingers around the knob portion as it was also sticking up and with a fairly good erection.

Again I was lip locked on her nipple and stroking her back. I reached down to feel her crotch thought her panties open skirt bottoms. I was over what must have been her clit or something as she stiffened and moaned and shifted position.. I kissed her on the mouth and she stuck her tongue in me further. I wanted her to feel my balls I shaved yesterday but she could not reach them with my pants still on my hips. I started kissing her neck to her ears and nibbled on her ears soon as her breathing increased a little.

Soon she broke free and was at my knees and with a quick pull Had my pants nearly free so I lifted my bottom and soon the pants were at my knees and she was in charge of my man hood with her hands and soon I thought It would be in the warmness of her pussy or mouth. But that was not to be.

Still my balls needed some attention and she had not touched those. I stood up hoping she would pull my jockeys down and grab a feel of my testicles which were large compared to the furtive glances of others in the locker room. I so wanted some relief. She stood up and I removed her blouse completely and was working on her skirt as she pulled down under wear xnxxv sunny leone video as fully exposed my genitals. We move to the bed in her room with my balls swing around in the air and her titties jiggling with her steps.

My cock was firm and sticking out and she cooed at its sight. She immediately went for the testicles and was all over them with her hands. Again she was at her knees and had my left nut in her mouth and being gentle as she sucked and licked it. I held my penis against my tummy as she nursing my nut. A little pre cum ozzed out my urethra and made my cock tip glisten.

I soon wanted her pussy so I got in a 69 position with her on top and sucked her labia lips and vulva as she worked the other testicle. We were both panting and in need of a break but were locked in this embrace exploring each others sex with vigor. I was amazed at the taste of musk and tartness of her muff and appreciative of the fact she had shaved her quim recently. She still was a virgin as I stuck my finger in and felt her hymen. As I did this, she began to shake and tremble. As I continued she squealed and locked her legs around my head. I munched her box for quite some time even slobbering in it for lubricant when I penetrated her hymen with my penis later on.

But for now she gyrated and moved my head like a cowboy on a bucking bronco as her quim was in constant spasm and her clit was sticking out from its hood. She began to pant and pound the bed with her fists. She regained composure only to start squirming around again as I lapped her erect clitoris sticking out in all its feminine glory. Her clit was a combination of white on the sides and pink at the tip. Her vagina was flowing with white pussy sauce and it was all over my face. She was to a point when I decided this was the time to enter as she was weak and for the moment was squirming less.

She said she was light headed and the room was spinning a little. I flipped her over on her stomach as I was always a butt man and held her down with my hands on her shoulders and I tried to fuck her in the prone position. She spread her legs thankfully and in my shaft went until I felt the resistance from her hymen again. Looking at her spurred me on and I pumped her some with my now fully erect 9 inches.

Still no success at being the first in her vagina all the way in but the look of her butt and how firm it was, was getting the best of me. I sensed a tightness in my stomache and pressure in my balls. I was building up to an and I knew it would not be long as my testicles raised up tword my pelvis. My pelvis slapping her butt cheeks was the sound I heard as I spilled a load in her pussy anly to have it run out and onto the bed spread. She relaxed and breathed deep slow breaths as I did the same.

I plopped down on her to hold her in place as I did not want her to move and I knew she was still a virgin but I was not as I had shot a load in her. We were sweaty and her hard firm body was relaxing. Her muscles relaxed from their previous tense state and she fell asleep under the warmth of my body. I turned her covered her bottom half with a comforter to keep her warm. I watched her breasts move up and down as she breathed and looked at her serene facial features. I felt like I was a failure and felt guilty over her still being a virgin and me a made man. I took a shower and waited for her to wake up.

When she did get up I had fallen asleep along side her and she flipped me over to suck on my balls and manhood. I said I would try again and she was all for it and ready to go. She was still naked under the covers and I was only wearing jockeys that were exposing my genitals as she had pulled them down some.

I hugged her as she hugged me and soon our bodies were hot and sweaty again. She smelled like sex and that really turned me on. I had not cleaned her up at all and she was sticky below her waist. Her scent was all over my body soon and we were in the missionary position with my cock pressing against her hymen again.

She was well lubricated again and was shaking and trembling at my movements in and out. I was about to let her lower herself on my manhood and was moving to let her be on top when I slipped and slid against the sheets and plopped down on her and all of a sudden I had impaled her vagina with my manhood and split her hymen open. She screamed, let out a deep breath and held me in her with her legs around my hips. She would not release me and needed me to hold her tenderly. I soon began nippling her ear and moved to her nipples that were erect and sticking out as If to wave at me. I rubbed her sides and worked my arm under her back and hugged her.

My balls down around her crotch and my cock was still impaling her with a fairly good sized boner. IT felt hot and tingly in her box and as she released my body I started pumping in and out of her. She was finally a woman and I was the guy who took her innocence. We tried doggie style, the prone position again and her on top lowering her self on my shaft.

We both hopped in the shower and soaped each other up with a lot of suds. I pushed some up her quim and inserted a finger into her rectum to cleam those two holes and she rubbed my penis, foreskin and testicles. While the soap was inside I slipped my dong in her quim and stroked a few times and she cooed withn the motion and but her arms around me to steady herself. I then scrubbed her back and buttocks and slipped out so I could turn around as she scrubbed my back and cleanse my buttocks.

We relaxed in the hot tub and punched up some porn on a monitor I had installed nearby. In the video a black guy was doing a tender turn to an asian petite girl and . Perhaps the readers can state the title but It was a and the girth of the member astounded me. I knew amia was hungry and was not surprised when she took a healthy amount of it in her vagina but the petite asian I was afraid he was going to make her swear off black monster cocks. I saw the asian take the bulbous head and start to scream and wiggle around.

As he tried for further penetration she just bucked around a lot and was violent. He did back off a little and she stretched out a little more and was finally able to take some pistoning in and out of his glans of his penis. Soon he ejaculated and pulled out slowly as gobs of spunk streamed off her pussy and down to her rectum. As soon as he was flaccid the other girl got most of it in her mouth in deep throat fashion and was gagging on the remaining sperm on his manhood

I was ready for more sex and moved over to stroke my girls pussy. She bit my nipples and said no not here and started drying off as she walked into the house. I followed with the pile of towels and we rubbed each other dry as we embraced. I immediately shoved her down on the bed and held her down as I started licking and feasting on her labia lips.

Soon she was breathing faster and I stuck my finger in her rectum and moved it around a bit. I was able to look up her front side and see her sculpted abs and rib cage sticking up. I noticed the 2 mounds at her chest shaking. Her nipples were nearly fully erect and keeping time with my finger motions.

Her turgid breasts were swaying back and forth mesmerizing my vision.. I soon was back at the nectar hole lapping up her white love cream. She was trying not to move and put up a good effort but she was on her way to an orgasm and could not help it. I did not want her to orgasm to soon, so I stopped all my motions and just left my tongue in her . She soon was resting easily with slow breathing and was begging for an orgasm, I refused to give her right away. She said fuck me blind and started rubbing her pussy all over my face. I was still flaccid and needed time as I had been in the hot water which is a killer to erections.

I pinned her down by moving up her body and laying down on top of my lover. I felt her tits press against my chest and her moistness against my tummy. She was radiating heat against my skin and this further turned me on along with her scent even though we just showered. My manhood was getting erect and she said she felt it against her tummy and was trying to grab it but could not as I was on top and in control. I kissed her square on the mouth and burrowed deep with my tongue then nibbled her ear. She squeaked a little but was motionless and breathing heavy.

I grabbed her tits and kneaded them as my erection was at full length. She wanted me . She wanted an orgasm but still I waited to enter her. Her vagina was radiating heat and flowing moisture like a leaky pipe. The doorbell rang and she wrapped her arms and legs around me like a bear as she was afraid I would get off her to attend to other business. I could not go but I knew who it was as I planned this to happen with the guys at work. I entered her and started thrusting her with abandon as she moaned with enthusiasm. I ejaculated in her and fell out as it softened. I asked if she wanted more as I was tired and could not produce another stiffy for her.

She said please do me more and with that my 3 friends from work used the key I had given them and they each came in to find me on top of her. I rolled off her so they could see my girl and the sight made 3 erections in my guests. I asked her if it was ok for a few friends to spend the night and she said OK as long as she could do them all. These friends were all black with 8 to 10 inch cocks that were all wide and made me wonder if they would fit inside her. She was all sweaty with my thick spunk rolling down her vagina. I heard her scream as the first one entered her as the other two guys held her down and spread her for deeper access.

They each pumped her good in different positions until she orgasmed and went limp. This thrashing goddess was finally done and I licked her cum clean from all the use . She was tired and fell asleep so we played poker and I lost the game.