Ediths New Life Part One

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Ediths New Life Part One

I finally left home. I was getting tired of home. All the people and /bad/">bad memories. I needed a fresh new start and this was the only thing I could think of doing.

I arrived at my new apartment. I smiled and sighed. Finally I can breathe. I grabbed my stuff from the trunk of my car and headed to my apartment. I unlocked the door and walked in. I took my stuff to my room, got the rest of my stuff from my car then unpacked. I /hung/">hung all my clothes and smiled.

"All I need is my furniture and I'll officially be moved in." I looked at the time and sighed. "Still got 2 hours til they get here." I looked around and smiled. "I should go out tonight. I'm going to go shopping for a new outfit."

I grabbed my bag and keys and headed out. I arrived at a store. I walked in hearing the upbeat music. I looked around and saw some skirts. I walked over to them and see a black and grey, plaid mini skirt. I grab it then walk around looking for a shirt to match. I find a bright red halter top, the back all black lace. I smile and go to the dressing room.

I put on the skirt and shirt. I smiled seeing how great it looked on me. The skirt mad my legs look long and the shirt was so low it stopped right under my tits. It made them look huge and amazing. I'm already a 40 DD and with the right bra I could look a size bigger. I turned around and the shirt showed off my back tattoo and I loved it. The skirt was amazing too making my ass look awesome. I smiled excitedly getting dressed again. I went to look at the shoes and find black knee hi heels with little straps going up them. I smile to myself and think, "I'm going to look amazing tonight."

I look at the time and realize that my furniture will be there any minute. I quickly go to the register and buy my stuff. I head back to my apartment and see they haven't arrived yet. I go inside and take a quick shower.

"Seems like they're running late," I sighed as I dry my hair. I tease up my hair and give myself a little poof. I start doing my makeup. I put on some light silver eye shadow and add on my eyeliner. I gave myself a little wings to my eyeliner. I start adding mascara when there was a knock at my door.

"Damn," i finish applying my mascara and run to the door. "Coming," I yell. I open the door and see a guy with a clipboard.

"Are you Edith?" He asks smiling.

"Ummm yeah," I smile biting my lip. "Are you the moving guy?"

"Yes," he smiles showing off the cutest dimples I have ever seen. I nearly melted.

"Well come on in," I smiled.

He nodded and walked in. "So I have a bed set, two couches, dining room set, and tv set."

"That all sounds right." I smile looking him up and down.

"Okay then, I'll start bringing everything in."

"Okay thank you ummm?"

"Call me Gabriel." He holds out his hand.

"Gabriel," I smile shaking his hand. "Well I'll leave the door open for you." I smile then walk back to my room.

I continue getting ready. I but on some blush and bright red lipstick. I walk into my room and see my bedroom set.

"Wow," I smile sitting on my bed. I start changing. I put on one of my push up bras and slide into a pair of lace panties. I put on some lotion and put on my new outfit. I smile looking in the mirror. I spray myself with some body spray then put in my diamond gauges (of course not real) and my rings and a necklace. I walk out to the living room and smile seeing Gabriel finishing up. "Wow, that was fast."

"Well we are the best for a reason." He looks up and his smile disappears. "Wow," he says his eyes looking me up and down. He quickly turns away.

"Is everything okay?" I ask confused.

"Umm nothing," he doesn't look at me.

"Ummm okay," well thanks for everything. I walk over to him and give him a 20. I really appreciate this.

"No need for that," he gives it back still unable to look at me.

"Are you sure your okay?" I ask confused.

"Okay, I know this isn't very professional of me, but you look really amazing." He smiled.

I blushed and felt my face get hot. "Oh, ummm, thank you." I smile back.

He smiles back and that's when I knew I fell for him. The sparkle in his eyes made my heart stop. I smile again, "Well I know this isn't professional old waman xxxgx of me, but would you like to hang out with me tonight. I don't really have any friends or family out here and it would be nice to hang out with someone I kind of know."

He smiles, "I would love to."

I smiled like a little school girl. "Well let's go," I giggled.

He smiled and grabbed my hand. "I'm going to show you thing's you have never seen before."

I smiled as the feeling of excitement grew inside me.
We left to his place so he can change. I sat and wait and the whole time I had butterflies. He came out in a ripped up blue jeans and a tight black tshirt that showed off all his muscles and arm tattoos. I melted in my pants. He looked amazing I just wanted to jump him but I controlled myself.

"Ready?" He asked smiling.

"Yes," I smiled back standing up. He walked me to his car and opened the door for me. I couldn't help but to smile. "You're such a sweetheart."

He smiled, "For now."

I looked at him confused but shrugged it off. We drove to a club downtown. There was a lot of people there. We walked straight up to the front and got right in. I looked at him and he just smiled. That kind of smile that said don't worry everything's okay. He got us a VIP booth and some drinks. I look at him.

"Okay Mister, how are you getting all this?"

He smiled, "Well I just know a lot of good people who can give me the hookup." He smiled as I gave him an unsure look. "Look don't worry, I told you I'm going to show you a good time and that's what I intend to do."

I smile rolling my eyes. "What ever you say." I take a sip of my drink. I had a couple of drinks then I notice him watching me the whole time. "Can I help you?"

He smiles, "Do you want to dance?"

"I'd love to," I smile standing up.

He stands up and takes me onto the dance floor. We start dancing, he turns me around, pulls me up against him and makes me grind against him. I smiled and continued grinding against him laying my head on his chest. I let out a slight moan as his hands explored my body. He rubbed up against my legs, then my tummy, then my tits. I bit my lip and sighed.

He leans in and whispers in my ear, "I want to show you a whole new world that you probably have never experienced." He picks me up and takes me to the car.

"What are we doing?" I ask confused and a little drunk.

"We are going back to my place." He starts driving, as we're driving he puts his hand on my thigh. I smile loving the feel of his strong hands on me. We get to his place and carries me inside and throws me onto his bed.

"What are you doing?" I ask looking up at him.

"We're going to have some fun." He smiles taking off his shirt. I smile sitting up rubbing up his body, feeling every ridge of his muscles. He smiles picking me up wrapping my legs around his waist. He kisses me, such a soft, passionate kiss. He lays me down and gets on top of me. He starts kissing me down my neck towards my boobs slowly. As he gets closer he starts using his tongue. My body reacts and I get goosebumps all over. I gasp, my breath caught in my throat. He slides off my top and starts taking off my shoes. The whole time my heart is pounding. He takes off my shoes and slides off my skirt and panties. He smiles "Wow, so beautiful."

I smile back sitting up, I take off my bra and lay before him completely naked. He smiles and takes off his pants and lays next to me in his boxers.

"What are you thinking?" I smile at him.

"I want to explore every inch of your body." He gives me a sinister look that made my heart skip a beat. He grabbed the back of the head and kisses me hard and passionately. "I intend to make you scream tonight Kitten. I am going to make you mine, you belong to me and no one else."

I don't know why but him saying that felt so right. It felt like I do belong to him. I smiled at him and nodded. That's when he turned over and got on top of me kissing and biting my neck. I moaned in pain and pleasure. He stands up and takes off his boxers and I see this huge thing just staring at me. I look up at him amazed.

"I know." He smiled looking into my wanting eyes. "Suck my cock Kitten." He grabs the back of my head and guides me to his cock. I slowly start sucking the tip, my mouth open wide. I swirl my tongue around the tip and he sighs and moans as I do. "Jerk me." He demanded. I grabbed it with both hands, shocked I still had a good amount of room to keep sucking. I continue enjoying every second and inch of it. I keep going as he continues to groan and moan. I look up at him my mouth slurping as I suck harder. He groans, "Oh yes baby I love that sound." I keep going faster and faster. He grabs my head and starts throat fucking me.

I gag closing my eyes. "No Kitten, I want you to look at me as I fuck your throat." I look up at him, my eyes watering up. "Oh bokep sma pecah perawan yes Kitten." He goes deeper and holds it there. I grip his legs as I try holding my breath. He pulls out and cums all over my face as I try catching my breath. "Oh Kitten that felt so good." He picks me up laying me on his bed again.

He smiles, "Look at my little /cum/cum-slut/">cum slut, covered in my cum." He kissed the top of my head. I smile, the feeling in my tummy confused yet excited. It all felt so wrong yet so right. I loved how he was talking to me and how he treated me. I didn't know what it meant but I loved it. "Go wash off Kitten so we can go to bed."

"Okay," I smile getting up, he gives me a little playful spank as I pass him. I go to the bathroom and see all his cum all over me. I smile then wash up. I walk back to the bed. I see him laying down with a soda and sandwich.

"You want some Kitten?" He smiles. I giggle and climb into bed next to him. He raises the sandwich to me to take a bite. I smile and take a bite. He smiles handing me the soda. I take a sip then hand it back. I lay down and cuddle up to him. He wraps his arms around me. "Get some sleep Kitten. We have a lot to discuss in the morning." I nod and yawn cuddling closer getting comfortable.

He kisses the top of my head, "Night Kitten." H smiles then turns off the light. I fell asleep so peacefully and perfectly in his arms.
The next morning I wake to Gabriel holding me. I smile and turn to face him. "Morning," I kiss him. He looks at me, "Morning Kitten. Did you sleep good?"

"Yeah," I smile. He gives me a serious look. "Is everything okay?" I ask worried.

"We have things to talk about." He sits up.

"Like what?" I sit up too.

He smiles, "About what I expect from you." He gets up handing me a t-shirt. "Come with me, lets get some breakfast." He holds out his hand, I grab it after putting on the shirt. He takes me to the kitchen and tells me to sit. I sit down and smile. He hands me a cup of orange juice. "What would you like Kitten?"

"Anything is good," I smile. He nods and makes me some eggs, sausage, and toast. He hands me a plate and fork. "Thanks." I smile taking a bite of the eggs. He sits next to me and starts eating his food. I turn to him, "So what do we have to talk about?"

He finishes his food, sits back and looks at me, as if examining me. I felt myself get a little uncomfortable. "Well," he says slowly. "If were going to continue seeing each other I need to set some rules."

"Rules?" I ask confused. He nods his head arms crossed. "What kind of rules?"

"Well first Kitten, you are mine and only mine. If you want another guys cock you must ask me for permission. From now on you do what I say. If I want to see you be fucked like the little slut you are, then it's going to happen. If I want to blindfold you and let random strangers fuck you for some money, it's going to happen. If I want to tie you up, it's going to happen. I can have you when ever I want. Morning, noon, night.

From now on you will refer to me as Daddy. I will take care of you Kitten. What ever you need, I will take care of it. And if you ever misbehave or break any rules I will spank you, and each time I do, you have to thank me. You will have to say 'Thank you Daddy' and that's how you will learn. When ever you say yes or no it has to be 'Yes Daddy' or 'No Daddy', and you will stay with me. I will get everything out of your apartment and bring it all here. And when I get home from work I want you at the front door on your knees, waiting for me, understood?"

I looked at him shocked and confused. "Are you serious about all this?"

"I am dead serious. Don't worry Kitten, it's not as bad as it sounds. You will enjoy it, I know you will." He touches my face smiling.

I look at him I loved how I felt so comfortable with his touch. I took a deep breath then nodded. "Okay I'll do it."

"What's that Kitten?" He gives me a stern look.

I smile rolling my eyes. "Yes Daddy I understand."

"/good/good-girl/">good girl, I'll let that one slide." He smiles. "From now on, if that happens again you will be punished." He kisses me and tells me to go back to bed. I walk to the room excited.

"This will be an interesting relationship" I smile to myself. "I can't wait to see what happens."