Motorcycle Riding

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Motorcycle Riding

There was a guy I had been seeing off and on for about 8 months, one day he called me and asked if I wanted to go motorcycle riding with him the next day. I thought about it for a few minutes then told him to pick me up early so that this other guy I was seeing would not find out about it. I knew I could get some drugs from him and have some fun and do some drinking. We rode around getting high for awhile, when he told me that he was going to stop at a house and make a deal with a friend. I knew he was going to buy some drugs and I didn’t want any part of this I told him ok but that I was going to wait for him outside. He didn’t say anything when I told him that so I didn’t really think anything about it since I was wasted. We finally arrived at the house and he got off and told me to come on, I said that I would rather stay outside while he made his deal. He said no that I had to go in with him and he grabbed my arm and pulled me with him. I went with out a fight because I knew that he wasn’t going to let me stay outside and that he would probably hit me if I didn’t do as told. When we went in I noticed that there were four guys sitting in the living room watching TV. I thought then that something wasn’t right but I knew that I might as well sit down and hope for the best knowing I wasn’t going to be able to leave. We all sat around talking and I had a beer and a draw from a joint. 

My friend and 1 of the guys got up and went to another room for about 10 minutes when he came out there was 2 other guys that I hadn’t seen come out from the room with him now I knew that something was up, and that I might be in trouble. My friend walked over and stood in front of me and told me to stand up and take my shirt off, I told him no that I want to leave he said hell no and for me to do as I was told. I knew that he would get mad and might hurt me so I stood up as I was told. He knew that I was braless and that my well-rounded tits were already showing through my tight shirt and I’m sure my nipples were erect. I slowly took my shirt off the guys watching mouth’s drop open as I stood there totally topless exposing my now firm and erect nipples. He walked behind me reached around and began playing with my tits pinching my nipples making them harder showing them to the guys. He told me to kick my shoes off as he reached down and undid my pants. He slowly pulled them down exposing the rest of my body as I slipped out of them. He turned me around showing them my ass pulling my checks apart exposing my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back telling me to please these guys every way possible. 

He spun me around and push me into the middle of the room one of the guy got up and walked over to me and grabbed my arm pulling me to him grabbing my head pulling me toward his lips. He started kissing me running his tongue deep into my mouth as his other hand found my nipples. He would pinch them hard as he continued kissing and tonguing my mouth. This was starting to feel good, he was moaning and I noticed that I was starting to moan also. I felt another guy come up beside me and grab my ass and began rubbing my ass cheeks. I could feel his now nude body against mine and his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick pressing against my side. The guy kissing me worked his way down to my nipples biting and sucking on them. I was now starting to enjoy the feeling and my mine was being to think about what they were going to do to me and that I was going to get some /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. Being high and somewhat drunk I really didn’t care anymore all I wanted was to get fucked hard. The second guy started kissing my ass cheeks then he pulled my cheeks apart and started licking my hole. The second guy was getting my hole nice and wet I knew then that he was wanting some ass. After a few minutes of this he stopped and stood up and I felt his hard dick poking at my ass. 

The other guy was working my tits over pretty good, I opened my eyes and saw that the other guys had stripped and were stroking there cocks as they watched the show. I moaned at the site of there hard dick and knew then that I was going to fucked good from these guys. The guy behind me started kissing and tonguing my neck and shoulder by this time I was getting turned on by all of this and that I might as well enjoy this. The guy I was with was standing back watching the action getting into all of this with a smile on his face and a hard on has he watched the action. The guy behind me pushed me down to my knees in front of the other guy; the guy in front stepped closer so that his hard dick would enter my mouth. I closed my eyes as his hard dick slid past my lips and into my mouth. I began sucking on him tasting his precum coming from his wonderful cock. He moaned at the feeling my mouth and tongue was giving him. I moaned at the feeling of is dick inside my mouth the taste of him and his cock in my mouth made my juices began to flow from my pussy. He began moving his hips back and forth fuck my mouth. As he moved back and forth in my mouth the guy behind me held my head as he fucked my mouth fast pushing it deep into my mouth he finally couldn’t take any more he rammed his dick deep into my mouth releasing his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum filling my throat and mouth with his hot cum. 

I sucked on him draining every drop of cum I could get from him he pulled out of my mouth I reached up and licked the last of his cum on his cock head. The guy behind me pushed me onto all fours, and then I felt his dick entering my ass I moaned at the feeling of him entering me. Another guy moved up to us and laid down so that he could slide under me then he began eating my pussy while the other one was fucking my ass. His cock was hard and pointing straight up at me; I leaned down and licked the head of him, while he ate my pussy. After a few minutes of the guy in my ass grabbed my hips and started moving faster and deeper in my ass, I knew that he was about to load my ass with his hot cum. He gave one last hard push and held it there as his cum filled my ass, I moaned loudly at the feeling of his cum filling me. He stay in me for a very long time as he drained his cock. Man this was great the guy eating me was licking my pussy hard and fast, my /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy tighten up as I started cumming releasing my juices all over his face. The guy in my ass was enjoying the feeling as my ass tightens around his cock. As I was finishing cumming another guy pulled me up and led me to the bedroom pushing me down onto the bed. 

He told me to lie down on my back he climbed up over me grabbing my arms pining me down as he rubbed his hard dick all over my tits. Then he moved up toward my head pushing his cock into my mouth. As he started to ram my mouth I felt the other guys grabbing my ankles and wrist as time they wrapped some belts around my wrist and ankles tying me to the bed. As I laid there with this guy above me, another guy moved between my legs and rammed his cock into my pussy, I moaned at the feeling of him entering her, she was so hot and wet. The guy I was sucking began moving in and out of my mouth, faster and by his moaning I knew he was about to release his cum down my throat. The guy in my pussy was really getting into fucking her he was moaning and moving as fast as he could in me. The guy fucking my mouth couldn’t hold it any longer he released his hot cum into my mouth filling it with his wonderful cum. He back away some so that I could get a good suction on him, and I drained every drop down my throat sucking and licking him clean. The guy on top finally couldn’t hold his load he shoved it hard and I felt his cum splashing and filling my pussy up. The guy in my mouth moved off of me as the one in my pussy drained his last drop. He climbed off me I could feel his cum running from her, and down to my ass it was so hot. Just as he climbed off the bed another guy was moving into position he shoved his dick right on in /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy.

He reached up with his hands playing with my tits, my nipples were so hard and erect, and I was really enjoying this fucking from these guys. He was pounding me hard and fast I knew that he wasn’t going to last very long at this speed. Sure enough his breathing became heavy, and he moaned loudly that he was cumming, at that time I squeezed by pussy muscles tight that did it for him, he started shooting cum into me as he even moved faster. I loved the feeling of him hitting my pussy hard and fast this sent me over the edge, I started cum again. He finally started slowing his pumping action down I started to relax also, he leaned down and kissed me, as he rose up off me and pulled out. I looked around to see if my friend was around he was sitting to the side of the bed watching the action. I knew that after this that he would also take me somewhere to fuck me. I looked around the room; I had lost count on who had been in me. Most of what I saw was limp cocks hanging. I though that this was over and that they would let me go, hell I should have known better. Two of the guys moved to toward me, and started releasing my ankles and wrist. They told me to roll over onto my stomach as I rolled one of them moved over my legs and I felt his now hard cock touching my ass cheeks. He rubbed my ass cheeks and ass hole, running his fingers into my ass. He spread my legs apart and I felt him rub the head and shaft along my pussy lips. The he raised up and I felt his cock touching my ass hole, then he shoved it in all the way. Then he started pumping me hard and fast, moaning and breathing fast he placed his hands on my back pushing me down onto the bed hard. He was really getting into this pounding me so damn hard and fast. He could hold it much longer he cried out as he released his hot cum deep into my hot /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole. 

He was pushing me so hard onto the bed that I thought that I was going to go through it. He collapsed on top of me his breathing was hard and fast I moaned at the feeling of his dick still pumping is cumming into my ass. I looked around the room to see what else was going on I could see some of the other guy standing there naked and hard again. I lowered my head back down on to the bed known that I was stuck here until I had satisfied his needs and there’s and that they got there money’s worth out of me for the drugs he wanted. I felt another guy climb between my legs his hard dick poking at my ass also. He slowly pushed against my ass hole I so open that he just slid right in with not problem. I could tell that this guy was going to take his time with my ass. He was moving slow and easy enjoying the feeling of my /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet hole.

He moaned with every move he made in me this feeling was great he was being gentle and loving, even thou I normally like it fast and rough. He continued to slowly move in and out of my ass I think that we both didn’t want it to end my pussy was heating up wanting to be fucked also. I tried to look around the room a little to see what the other guy’s were doing some were standing and watching this guy fucking my ass while they played with themselves. The guy in my ass was now starting to move faster and harder his breathing was hard and fast, I knew that he was about to unload his cum. I noticed that my breathing was fast and hard and I was ready to cum myself. He dropped down onto me and began fucking me hard and fast ramming his cock deep into my ass his breath was hot, on my neck. He moaned loudly, and his breathing stopped as he buried his cock deep into me shooting his load deep into me. I moaned at the feeling of his hot cum filling my ass, my body arched upward toward him pushing him deeper into me as I began to cum. We laid there for a few minutes trying to get ourselves back together. He raised up and slowly pulled his dick out of me, it felt good moving in me I didn’t want him to leave my ass. 

After a few minutes another one of the guy’s climbed onto the bed sliding under me reaching out to guide me down onto his now stiff cock. I could feel the heat from his body and his dick. I felt the head of his dick pressing against the lips of my cum /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. The head of his cock slid past my /wet/pussy-wet/wet-pussy-lips/">wet pussy lips and I slowly sat down on him, bearing him deep. We both moaned at the feeling of him entering me all the way. I slowly moved up and down on him, while he played with my tits. I could tell he was slowly getting into the feeling as he started moving his hips up and down meeting my thrust. I began moving up and down on his hard cock fast pushing it deep into me. We both moaned at the feeling we were receiving my pussy was ready to release her /sweet/">sweet cum all over him. He began moaning loudly and I knew that he was ready to shot his cum into me. He began thrusting his dick into me hard and fast and I knew that he was going to release his cum soon. He moaned loudly as he kissed and sucked my nipples. That’s all he could take he pushed hard against me burying every inch into me as he filled my pussy with his hot cum. He continued to pump me hard and fast as he released his load, I think that he came for 5 minutes; finally he stopped and just laid there with a smile on his face. I slowly rolled off of him his cock sliding out of me as I rolled over to the side. 

I was hoping that they were through but that changed quickly as another guy came over told me to get on all fours as I did he slid under me also and guided me down onto him, just as I got him in another one came from behind and slid his cock up my ass. I really was in heaven now, two cocks in me. While these two fucked my holes another one moved in front of me and slid his cock into my mouth. Now I had all three holes in play and loved it all. After a few minutes of them fucking me they all started to cum once more. Each cumming at there on time, but filling me good. I finally was able to roll over for a few minutes trying to catch my breath and relax a little. I did notice that my nipples were hard and ready to be sucked on which was pretty normal. I noticed that a few guys were standing close to me so I reach up to the balls and played with them as they stood there looking me over. One of the guys leaned down and started biting and sucking my nipples I moved my other hand toward to the guy’s cock that was sucking my tit. He moaned at the first touch of my hand on him, and then another guy joined him on my other tit I reached out and started playing with his balls and dick the same way I was playing with the other guy. They weren’t able to get a full hard on it seem, I guess they were drained out now. By now thou this was just a tease I needed more this was just a tease and I was now enjoying this game they were playing. Another guy spread my legs apart and started licking my pussy. I guess he didn’t care about all the cum flowing wwwxxx from her, because he was running his tongue deep up her. 

He finally stopped and moved forward I felt his cock entering me once more. He screwed me for a few more minutes and then he reached down and grabbed my hips and pulled me hard against him as his dick released it hot cum into me. Someone else climbed between my legs and raised my legs over his shoulder then shoving his dick into my ass once more. He shoved it hard and fast into me, moving like a jackhammer in me until he couldn’t hold it any longer. He released his hot cum into my ass draining every last drop into me. The guys sucking my tits were enjoying them, as I continued jacking them off finally one shot a load onto my side and stomach then the other did the same. Man I was filled and covered in this wonderful stuff. Well now I thought this was over with I was ready to clean up and leave even thou it was great. I looked at my friend and he just sat there staring at me, I wasn’t sure if he was ready for us to go or these guys had gotten enough. I asked if I could go to the bathroom to clean up, he through his hand up as to say go.

I got up and headed for the bathroom as I did I looked over the guys, they were worn out, there cock limp from being drained in my holes. I went in to take a piss and to try and squeeze out what cum I had left in me. I came out and he told me to get dressed and for me to wait for him outside. I was glad to do it I went and got my cloths on and headed out the door, and went and sat on the motor. He came out and we head down the road not sure where he was taken me next. But we ended up at his house we went in and he grabbed me and told me that I did really great back there. That I was his little slut and that I will do anything he wants when ever he wants me to. Then he ripped my shirt off and told me that I was a bitch and that he owned me. I wasn’t about to argue with him I just let him have his say. Then he pushed me down and grabbed my pants pulling then off really rough. Then he grabbed me up and slapped me across the face, calling me a bitch and slut, then he threw me down on the floor, and stripped his cloths off, climbed on top of me and began /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-my-pussy/">fucking my pussy. All the time he was calling me names and hitting me. He asked if I enjoyed the fucking the guys gave me I told him that I enjoyed it very much and that I wanted more. When I said that he slapped me and told me that I was never to do that unless he ordered me to and that I was not to go near that house. All the time he was pounding the hell out of me. I could tell that he was turned on by all of this, he was about to cum. He asked me again if I enjoyed it and I told him yes, that I wanted more of his friend to gangbang me. 

That sent him over the edge he shoved it deep into me and started cumming. When he climbed off he told me to get up and go to his room, and bend over the edge of the bed. I did what he said, he cam in and through a belt around my neck pulling back hard on it the I felt the first hit of his bear hand on my ass, as he spanked me. He told me that I was /bad/">bad and that I shouldn’t have done been a slut in front of his friends. He continued spanking me at same time, asking me if I was going to ever go back there without him. I told him no, that I promised, but he didn’t believe me and would slap my cheeks harder. I finally begged him to stop that I had learned my lesson and that I would do what ever he wanted or asked. He finally let go I just laid there waiting for him to tell me what to do next. My ass was on fire, from his slaps and my next hurt from the belt around it. Just when I thought that I could get up he moved in the wwwxxx behind me and shoved his done hard cock up my ass. 
We both moaned at the feeling of him pounding my ass and the pain from where he had slapping me. He /ass/ass-fucking/fucked-my-ass/">fucked my ass till he shot a load into me. I climbed off and told me to laid there that he would be back in a few. 

I was now ready to go home, I didn’t want any more of this right now, but I knew he wasn’t ready to let me go, he wanted more of me. After a little time went by he called me to another room, I wonder if he had other friends come over and that I was going to get more. But when I entered he was standing there with another hard on, he grabbed me and forced me to my knees and I started sucking his cock for him. He grabbed my head and held it tight and started fucking my mouth hard and fast not letting me get a breath, or anything. He did this till he shot another load into me. I now was hoping that this was it I was wearing out and ready to leave. Once he drained his cock he pushed me down on to the floor, he called me a bitch and slut some more names, the he told me to go and clean up, but come back out in the nude. So I went and took a shower and came back out to him still naked. He finally told me to get dressed that he would take me back home.